Celebrate the Season

It’s my all-time favorite time of the year. The air is cooler, crisp and dry and I am already thinking of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

The holiday season.

So much celebration to look forward to, all packed into just 2 month’s time.

I try to do an album every year that celebrates our Christmas traditions and memories but just don’t have the time to scrapbook everyday of a month and I also like to incorporate the entire holiday season. From Thanksgiving to New Years. As little or as much as we are able to decorate and celebrate. They are each a part of the 43 day marathon of family, faith, food and fun. And I have to admit it, in our family, the food is a huge part of the holidays.

Celebrate The Season

Since it is a combination of many different holiday celebrations I keep the embellishments more simple and the theme more general and focus on the photos and story. I want to document our traditions, memories and stories from the holidays.

My goal every year is to get all the items gathered and set the foundation (a sort of a “feel” for the album) before the holidays so I can just print my photos, add my journaling and it is done, but as the saying goes, “The best laid plans….”. But at least I know when the temperature starts to dip and I see pumpkins at every doorstep I know it is time to start planning for that album so I can document those moments I want to remember forever and not add to my holiday hustle and bustle.

So whatever your reasons for the Holiday Season are make sure you document them.

AFTER ALL, it’s your story to tell.