Celebrate Life | Tell Your Story

My Reason Why…

I remember when I was little looking at a scrapbook my mother had put together from her teenage years at my Grandma’s house. It was a big black album with magnetic sticky sheets (remember those?) and it held little bits and pieces of memories collected over time and now looking back, this is what I think of as a scrapbook. Scraps of your life you put in a book.

We all have this wonderful gift inside of us to tell a story and I feel it is such a privilege to be able to document our moments and life for generations to come.

This is my 15th year of scrapbooking our family and I can honestly say I enjoy it as much as that first time I made a baby book for our firstborn. There are a bunch of reasons why I do it – the creative process, to tell our story, to tell my story, to preserve memories and traditions, and because it was just so darn cool to see what my mother did when she was a teenager preserved between those magnetic sheets.

But sometimes I feel that I am so wrapped up in the process, the products, the pressure to do….everything…. that I am missing the moments that are happening right now.

Celebrating life and telling my story.

Your way.


I am calling this #ProjectTellYourStory. Telling your story, your way. Scrapbooking where you make up the rules… it’s not really a thing, per se, but more of an attitude. Giving yourself a hall pass. Telling yourself that it is okay to just take a step back from the need to get the best shot or the pressure to capture EVERY SINGLE BREATHING moment and resisting the urge to collect every supply under the sun, because well, it has glitter on it, and instead focus on the moments in time when they happen and be there, not always behind a camera. And the when I am able to document those memories be okay with getting them preserved, however simple, for generations to come.

It’s giving myself permission to take a picture of the kids with dirty dishes in the background or when they are wearing a not so perfectly coordinated outfit or even to just let it go when I don’t get a photograph and instead actually enjoy the moment with them and telling the story of the adventure in my own handwriting – no photos needed. After it happened.

Taking stock of what memory keeping is to me and redefining how I preserve our memories. Celebrating life and telling my story. My way.


Stay tuned and join me as I go on this journey….