Somethings Gotta Give


That one word, shattered my world.

I was sitting there on the exam table yesterday expecting all sorts of praise from my doctor about how great my health was. I have always had very low blood pressure, my HDL (good cholesterol) is high and my LDL (bad cholesterol) is low, I have no medical conditions whatsoever and I have never been on any medications for my health. I figured I was the picture perfect state of health for a busy, overworked 40-something mother of 3.

But obese? That’s the last thing out of her mouth that I expected.

A pit started growing in my stomach.

Wait, I eat vegetables. I cook our meals at home, I don’t choose to go out to eat more than once a week or sometimes only once every two weeks.

I had felt the extra pounds and knew I was overweight, but wait, didn’t I just have a baby….oh, crap, that was 10 years ago now. My hips and knees have been a little achy here and there but my dad has bad knees and I remember my grandmother complaining about her hips aching so isn’t it just hereditary? I don’t have a sweet tooth. One extra helping at supper and then finishing off the pan while I’m doing the dishes is ok, after all I didn’t even have lunch today.

I was beginning to see that these were just excuses. Excuses because I didn’t want to do the hard work. I didn’t want to fight with my family about changing our diet or try to make time in my 28 hour day to try to… Fit. In. Exercise.

But obese, seriously? I have never had a bad self/body image. That word made me see that this has nothing to do with my body image (ok, feeling good and looking good in my clothes would be nice again) but this has more to do with my overall health. The numbers might be good right now but if I keep carrying this extra weight on me another 5 – 10 years it could be detrimental to my health.

I am 43 years old….44 in a few weeks, 5 foot 5.5 inches and I weigh 195.2 lbs and I’m considered obese.

I sit here afraid to push the publish button, afraid of what will happen, what will everyone think, what if I can’t do it…. and I catch myself making excuses.

No more excuses.

I Never Thought I’d Google This…

OLWQuote Walking Shoes

“How many miles in a 5k”?

That’s something I never thought I’d google. And no, we aren’t talking about running a 5k. Noooo, silly.. More like walking, fastly (yes, it’s a word in my world).

I do not run. I tell my kids that if they ever see me running, they’d better run too because something bad is happening.

So, when my husband called the other day asking if I wanted to enter a 5k (hey, it’s for a good cause), I stalled while I googled the actual milage.

But, after celebrating the holidays as most of us do, with too many rich, fatty foods and too much time laying around watching The Good Wife marathons on Amazon Prime Video (we are two seasons behind), I am more than ready to put my new year’s resolution money where my mouth is, or, was.

I only have a week and a half to get ready for this thing and it’s a good excuse to use my Kohl’s cash from Christmas and buy myself a shiny new pair of shoes. Now I better get moving.

And if you’re still wondering a 5k is exactly 3.10686 miles.

It can’t be that bad, right? After all, somebody said there’d be waffles at the end of the race.

Happy New Year!

A New Year A New You | Resolutions To Live By

HappyNewYear It’s that time of the year again when we make those new year’s resolutions; commit to living a better life and ultimately set ourselves up for failure. And, of course I am no different. I have big dreams of having a completely organized home where there is a place for everything and everything in it’s place, I dream of having all our debt paid off and never again having to use a credit card, I fantasize about being a size 10 8 again and effortlessly throwing on whatever cute ensemble that happens to be in my closet.

I also realize that those are really huge hurdles and kind of unrealistic goals for where I am at right now. This is life afterall.

So, I want to try and make more overall intentions that will happen slowly over time with small achievable goals. I also have some habits to improve on from last year and some to reaffirm (again) this year.

1. Live Healthier | The most important part of that to me is eating healthier. I don’t want to state that I will lose 50 pounds this new year (I’d really like to lose 65), I want to make a true lifestyle change and commit to eating healthy and ridding my house of those awful temptation foods. Once and for all.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.39.18 PM










2. Get Back on Budget | Another intention I have for this new year is to reaffirm my budgeting goals. I think we did good last year but could have done better in some areas and I have learned a few things also along the way.

3. Be More Creative | I want to get back to creating things, just for the sake of being creative. I miss that and want to make time for it again.

4. Work On Home Projects | Not just the house renovations we’ve had going on but the scrapbooking and organizing projects on my to-do list.

Pantry Design Ideas-07-1 Kindesign


As with all lifestyle changes it is an ebb and flow process. And it is not a one-size-fits-all either. Some paychecks are easier than others to stay on track, some mealtimes have to be grab and go, some (okay, all) of those photos on my camera need to be edited before I can print them off but who has the time. Intentions are not only about setting goals for yourself but also about giving yourself a hall pass so you don’t just throw in the towel altogether and quit because you feel so defeated.

So, I am going to make this year about making better choices overall in every aspect of my life. So what if we have to grab McDonald’s because we are in-between practices and that is all we have time for, they do have healthier choices. So what if the van needs new brakes, I will have a plan in place (car maintenance envelope) to cover it.

Good goals are also about having your own back, so make those intentions but as well make a backup plan (or two or three) for those times when you do veer off track and you’ll be more likely to swing back into the right lane again.