Sole Blessings



I trip over them, I pick them up. I yell at them to pick them up. I clean up the dusty mess they leave behind.

But there are blessings in each of those soles.

That we have two feet to put into them.

That we are healthy enough to run around in them.

That we have a house to pile them up in.

That we have more than one pair to wear, each. And that we have the money to replace some of them soon.

The fact that they are all piled up at 11:30am on a Wednesday means one thing, the kids are all home on break. Even if I am trying to work. They are here, fighting, sneaking electronic time, playing ball, riding bikes, complaining there’s nothing to eat, laughing, chasing each other with the hose (did I mention fighting). But they are here. With me.

I’ll try to remember this the next time I feel the urge to start shutting the windows so the neighbors don’t hear me yelling.

I Never Thought I’d Google This…

OLWQuote Walking Shoes

“How many miles in a 5k”?

That’s something I never thought I’d google. And no, we aren’t talking about running a 5k. Noooo, silly.. More like walking, fastly (yes, it’s a word in my world).

I do not run. I tell my kids that if they ever see me running, they’d better run too because something bad is happening.

So, when my husband called the other day asking if I wanted to enter a 5k (hey, it’s for a good cause), I stalled while I googled the actual milage.

But, after celebrating the holidays as most of us do, with too many rich, fatty foods and too much time laying around watching The Good Wife marathons on Amazon Prime Video (we are two seasons behind), I am more than ready to put my new year’s resolution money where my mouth is, or, was.

I only have a week and a half to get ready for this thing and it’s a good excuse to use my Kohl’s cash from Christmas and buy myself a shiny new pair of shoes. Now I better get moving.

And if you’re still wondering a 5k is exactly 3.10686 miles.

It can’t be that bad, right? After all, somebody said there’d be waffles at the end of the race.

Happy New Year!

New Normals


Trying to get things back to some sort of routine in the new house but finding lots of new normals for us.

  • New out-the-door-in-the-morning times, now that the kids are taking the bus.
  • Trying to figure out where everything will go in it’s new place.
  • Trying to remember where we put everything away at in it’s new place.
  • Trying to get used to all the white around here. Paint coming soon. Very soon.
  • Trying not to be too overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning all this square footage.
  • New grocery stores, Safeway, I missed you.
  • New shopping. Oh, the shopping: here, here and here!
  • A Cost Plus World Market. Finally!
  • A new list of projects already growing for a brand new house – that’s how we roll!
  • Being able to see family every week that used to be a world away.
  • New memories already being created.


10 Things I Know To Be True

Inspired by Shaunna and gang, the ever Perfectly Imperfect. Here’s my own two cents.

1. You will never sleep the same again after having children. Ever. No matter how old they get.

2. Pinterest is a time-sucker.

3. Phyllis Diller was right. Cleaning up after kids IS like shoveling while it’s still snowing.

4. You are your own worst enemy.

5. Why is Candy Crush so addicting?

6. 14 year old boys temporarily lose mental capacity…..or at least I hope it’s temporary.

7. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dry heat, hot is hot!

8. Raising kids will be the most important job you will ever have.

9. We are in a two bedroom apartment right now and everything we own is in storage for two months while our house is being finished. Living with less is so freeing.

10. Iowa will always hold a special place in our hearts.


And this one time on Spring Break…

…We went to Phoenix…


Things have been quiet around here because I was afraid to even breath a word……for fear of bursting. Lots has been going on and lots more yet to do…pack up a house, sell a house, find a house, find schools, move across the country! But very excited to say the least 🙂