Slow Cooker Caramelized Onions

Because I like to grocery shop at warehouse stores to find the best deal on fresh foods I often end up having way too many onions left when I really only needed a few.


One way to use them up before they start sprouting (oops!) is to slice them up and pop ’em in the crockpot overnight and you will have a wonderful crock full of caramelized goodness the next morning.


Start by slicing up about 6-8 onions.


place 4 tsp butter in bottom of crockpot and load in the onions. You can also add a few more pats of butter on top…I won’t tell anyone.


Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. If you want thicker (jammier) onions, crack the lid a tiny bit. This will allow some of the steam to release. Otherwise leave it on tight.

After about an hour the house already started smelling good.


Of course the smell gets stronger throughout the night and if you are a worry-wart like myself you will wake up in a panic, smell the onions and immediately think they are burning. But never fear. They are just fine for the entire 8 hours.


You can portion up and freeze for use in other dishes and leave some in the fridge. They are perfect to have around to throw in to your soups, stews or maybe even blend up with some Dijon mustard for a heavenly spread.

Daily Dinner Dilemma | Costco Meal Plan


I know I am not alone when I say I absolutely loathe that late afternoon question of  “What’s for dinner?”

I am also wanting to feed my family healthier foods and less drive through but struggle with busy evenings and a complete lack of inspiration for dinner ideas. I need healthy and easy dinner options.

For me healthy means:

  • little to no processed foods
  • lots of veggies
  • more whole grains and less white starches
  • no drive thru!

For me easier means:

  • I can have a healthy, delicious meal on the table for my family every night
  • minimal nightly prep, aka less dirty dishes
  • less trips to the store for last minute ingredients
  • I don’t have to think about what’s for dinner

So lately, I’ve been searching around on the internet and discovered a litany of crockpot freezer meals (I guess I am a little late to the party). I got sucked into the abyss that is Pinterest and an hour later came up with six meals I could make and freeze. I created a shopping list, braved Costco (on a Saturday, 2 weeks before Christmas), spent about 2 hours in the kitchen prepping and by the end of the afternoon I had 12 (I doubled each recipe) freezer meals chilling in my freezer. But here is the best part…I have TWELVE meals. Ready to go. In my freezer.


With the craziness of the getting ready for the holidays over those following two weeks (and overindulgences) it was absolute heaven to be able to put a soup or meal in my crockpot in the morning as I went to work or ran errands and have a wonderfully healthy and delicious dinner waiting for us at the end of the day.

I spent less than $135 at Costco (including the gallon freezer bags) for these twelve meals (most of the pantry items I already had on hand) and that breaks down to almost $11.00 per meal…for a family of five that is not too shabby. Not to mention I have enough onions and tortillas now to last me a good awhile. The recipes I  found I used as inspiration and I ended up adapting them to suit my families preferences (and ingredients I already had on hand), as well I created a few recipes myself with the ingredients I had left to use. They absolutely loved every meal. So they are kid and husband tested and approved.

I know I am not the first person to do this but it has felt like an absolute revelation for me and I want to share my love of this newly found freedom from the daily delimma of “What’s for dinner?” So click here for the grocery list and recipes for six meals that you can easily double when you shop at Costco and buy in bulk. Obviously the prices may vary depending on your region/store and the total may vary also depending on your pantry items on hand.


If you’ve never tried freezer meals before….I beg you, please.

I am now compiling several more recipes to try this again. I am thinking 15 this time, doubling that and having an entire month of stress free, no thinking, delicious and healthy dinners. I can’t wait.