East Valley Events | April 2016

around the east valley


Queen Creek Olive Mill – Olive Blossom Festival 11am – 3pm

Over the Hill Gang Classic Car Show & Dirt Road Market – Schnepf Farms 8am – 3pm


Queen Creek Olive Mill – Olive Blossom Festival 11am – 3pm


San Tan Art Show @ Queen Creek Olive Mill 10am – 3pm

Other Valley events

2nd – 3rd:

Luke Air Force Base Airshow

All month:

Bruce Munro: Sonoran Light @ Desert Botanical Garden – Nightly 6pm – 11pm

Boutiques & Markets

8th & 9th:

Front Porch Pickins Vintage & Handmade Market @ University of Phoenix Stadium 11am – 5pm

21st – 24TH:

Sweet Salvage Market Thurs 10am – 9pm/Fri – Sat 10am-6pm


Gilbert | Saturday mornings 7am – 11am

Chandler |  Thursdays 3pm – 7pm

Sole Blessings



I trip over them, I pick them up. I yell at them to pick them up. I clean up the dusty mess they leave behind.

But there are blessings in each of those soles.

That we have two feet to put into them.

That we are healthy enough to run around in them.

That we have a house to pile them up in.

That we have more than one pair to wear, each. And that we have the money to replace some of them soon.

The fact that they are all piled up at 11:30am on a Wednesday means one thing, the kids are all home on break. Even if I am trying to work. They are here, fighting, sneaking electronic time, playing ball, riding bikes, complaining there’s nothing to eat, laughing, chasing each other with the hose (did I mention fighting). But they are here. With me.

I’ll try to remember this the next time I feel the urge to start shutting the windows so the neighbors don’t hear me yelling.

Good Food for a Good Life | Week One

MG, I’m still reeling after the week I had last week and I know now I have to get serious about my weight health. I thought I ate healthy for the most part but when I really started looking at what I ate during the week I must admit I was a little shocked.

Forget any detox I need a Real Food Reset. Resetting how I think about food and my relationship with it.

Detox just seems so, so drastic. And cold and scary.

I sat down and wrote down some do’s and don’ts. Things I knew I needed to change. I also wrote down foods to eat and foods to avoid. I listed it all out on paper. A sort of manifesto to myself. A  roadmap shall we say, of what I should and shouldn’t be eating – because I’m a geek like that. And a huge list maker.

So for four weeks we (yes, me AND my family) are going to remove sugar, processed foods, fast food, loads of condiments (blah blah blah, basically anything that basically tastes good) from our diets.

We need to reset our taste buds to appreciate the flavor of real food again. We need to get back to the basics of why we eat. To nourish our bodies, not to mindlessly pass time or just to satisfy our hunger.

This is something that is stepped into s-l-o-w-l-y. Baby steps people. You are a better person than myself if you can go cold turkey day one.

So here goes…

Week One:

We are going to remove all pop (or soda for all you Southern folks), juice and carbonated beverages from our diet.

We are only drinking water and low-fat milk. And drinking lots of water. Lots. Like double what I think I need. We live in the desert.

Trust me, it will be a looooooonnnnnngggg week.


Somethings Gotta Give


That one word, shattered my world.

I was sitting there on the exam table yesterday expecting all sorts of praise from my doctor about how great my health was. I have always had very low blood pressure, my HDL (good cholesterol) is high and my LDL (bad cholesterol) is low, I have no medical conditions whatsoever and I have never been on any medications for my health. I figured I was the picture perfect state of health for a busy, overworked 40-something mother of 3.

But obese? That’s the last thing out of her mouth that I expected.

A pit started growing in my stomach.

Wait, I eat vegetables. I cook our meals at home, I don’t choose to go out to eat more than once a week or sometimes only once every two weeks.

I had felt the extra pounds and knew I was overweight, but wait, didn’t I just have a baby….oh, crap, that was 10 years ago now. My hips and knees have been a little achy here and there but my dad has bad knees and I remember my grandmother complaining about her hips aching so isn’t it just hereditary? I don’t have a sweet tooth. One extra helping at supper and then finishing off the pan while I’m doing the dishes is ok, after all I didn’t even have lunch today.

I was beginning to see that these were just excuses. Excuses because I didn’t want to do the hard work. I didn’t want to fight with my family about changing our diet or try to make time in my 28 hour day to try to… Fit. In. Exercise.

But obese, seriously? I have never had a bad self/body image. That word made me see that this has nothing to do with my body image (ok, feeling good and looking good in my clothes would be nice again) but this has more to do with my overall health. The numbers might be good right now but if I keep carrying this extra weight on me another 5 – 10 years it could be detrimental to my health.

I am 43 years old….44 in a few weeks, 5 foot 5.5 inches and I weigh 195.2 lbs and I’m considered obese.

I sit here afraid to push the publish button, afraid of what will happen, what will everyone think, what if I can’t do it…. and I catch myself making excuses.

No more excuses.