I Never Thought I’d Google This…

OLWQuote Walking Shoes

“How many miles in a 5k”?

That’s something I never thought I’d google. And no, we aren’t talking about running a 5k. Noooo, silly.. More like walking, fastly (yes, it’s a word in my world).

I do not run. I tell my kids that if they ever see me running, they’d better run too because something bad is happening.

So, when my husband called the other day asking if I wanted to enter a 5k (hey, it’s for a good cause), I stalled while I googled the actual milage.

But, after celebrating the holidays as most of us do, with too many rich, fatty foods and too much time laying around watching The Good Wife marathons on Amazon Prime Video (we are two seasons behind), I am more than ready to put my new year’s resolution money where my mouth is, or, was.

I only have a week and a half to get ready for this thing and it’s a good excuse to use my Kohl’s cash from Christmas and buy myself a shiny new pair of shoes. Now I better get moving.

And if you’re still wondering a 5k is exactly 3.10686 miles.

It can’t be that bad, right? After all, somebody said there’d be waffles at the end of the race.

Happy New Year!

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