Magic Body Butter

Hello magic.

I have been searching for a way to help my dry skin and decided to make my own body butter yesterday to help with my ever dry, itchy winter skin. Even in the desert it worsens during the winter months especially with the extra dry desert air. Nothing I could find commercially has helped.

I’ve been searching around online and looking more closely at what I am putting on my skin and I am coming to the realization that those commercially made “soaps, lotions and creams” might not be all they are cracked up to be. They might be just the thing that is robbing my skin of some severely needed nourishing.

So I decided to try whipping up a batch of my own… and I think I am addicted. I’ve already dug into this yummy jar. I couldn’t wait for a picture. Doesn’t look very pretty but it is a beautiful thing to me.


My skin has never felt more calm. That’s exactly what my skin feels like. Calmed. The constant itchy, tight dryness is soothed. Gone. Amazing to someone who has suffered year after year for a good couple of decades with dry, itchy-to-the-bone, winter skin.


I didn’t follow a specific recipe, neither did I write down what I did, I just added a little skin loving of this and a little skin nourishing of that and whipped. Not sure if I can replicate it but you can bet I’m going to be trying to make this creamy goodness again. And I’ll probably be writing it down this time.

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